Forward looking monthly summary of the latest economic, consumer and travel indicators, trends and analysis. This monthly member-only communication features the Recovery and Growth Insights Dashboard as well as the latest data and trends affecting travel’s recovery. Analysis of the broader economy and its impact on travel will provide unique insights to help travel businesses make informed and timely decisions.

The Recovery and Growth Insights Dashboard developed in collaboration with Tourism Economics, is supported by more than a 20 data sources. The dashboard is the most comprehensive and centralized source for high-frequency intelligence on the U.S. travel industry, tracking industry performance, travel volumes and predictive indicators of recovery including air and lodging forecasts, DMO website traffic, convention and group trends, travel spending and losses, traveler sentiment, among others to measure the health of the industry.

Key August Highlights:

  • Total travel spending remained at 1.2% above last year’s levels for the third month in a row and was up 4.1% year-to-date through July 2023. 
  • Air travel demand was up 12% in July compared to the same month last year, consistent with the prior month.
  • Hotel demand has remained at nearly the same levels as last year for three consecutive months and at -0.2% was even slightly below July 2022.
  • Travel prices are nearly even with July 2022 levels. Air and fuel costs have notably dropped while lodging, food & beverage and recreation remain somewhat elevated.
  • Overseas arrivals improved in July and are now 22% below 2019 levels. 

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